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Velda Morrison decided to make her gift to the Foundation in a traditional way.  She included our organization as a beneficiary of her estate. We were fortunate in that Velda told us of her plans before she passed away and we had an opportunity to thank her and recognize her generosity with stonework in the hospital garden. Her generosity resulted in a contribution to our Foundation of $1 million for health care needs.

Her way of making the gift may be traditional but there was nothing traditional about this energetic, lively lady. She had careers as Secretary for the Kentville Advertiser, Business Manager at the teachers college in Fredericton, public servant for the Department of Agriculture, trained as an Accountant and she even trained as an emergency nurse during the Cuban missile crisis.

Velda was a caring individual who lived through the loss of her husband of 40 years and the death of her only child, a daughter, to cancer. Because of or despite these tragedies, she was an unflappable, assertive woman who was positive about life and valued her health, family and friendships.