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Anyone can show extraordinary generosity by leaving gifts in his or her Will and Estate Plan. We are grateful to our Alumni, Parents, Grandparents, Faculty and Friends of KES who are choosing a Planned Gift as their way of giving back to the School and growing The Inglis Education Endowment Fund.

Dave Wilson

As an “Old Boy” from what was once King’s College, I’ve always felt grateful for the tremendous education I received and the lifelong friendships I forged along the way. I always joke that my first gifts to the School were in part repayment for the noses I shot of the statues located on the top floor of Convocation Hall. All kidding aside, I feel it’s important to find a way to ensure future generations of Students also have the opportunity to experience KES just like I did. I encourage you to think about making a gift to our School.  Our donations are the lifeblood of the School that will preserve the past and ultimately benefit countless Students into the future. David Wilson ’47

Kelsey Jones

Every morning, before leaving for elementary school, my dad would ask me to repeat his personal mantra, "I will learn; I must learn; it's imperative." Little did I know the profound impact those few words would have on me. It's a phrase that continues to this day to inform my entire life and push me to become a better version of myself. My ambition and love for learning continues to be boundless. In 2001, I learned that I would have the opportunity to attend KES and receive financial support from Alumnus, Dave Kerr Wilson (’47). The next four years at KES were life changing. The dedicated faculty and staff fostered my love of learning and gave me the encouragement to challenge myself both academically and personally. KES instilled strong study and organizational habits that allowed me to be successful in my post-secondary and my professional career as a Lawyer. In addition, I made lifelong friendships with people from around the world and as a result, I belong to a global network of young professionals. I truly hope someday that I will be able to help KES students to reach their goals the same way Mr. Wilson has helped me reach mine. Kelsey Jones ‘05