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Insurance for the Future

Robert Rogers is someone who supports what he’s passionate about. He volunteers tirelessly - something he calls staying “sanity busy”. He has a warm spirit that has been unblemished by the losses that life has delivered.

Born with a rare genetic condition that causes one’s arteries and organs to rupture suddenly, his wife Joyce lived with chronically deteriorating health and the risk of sudden death. Her final attack came in December 2011 on Robert’s birthday, and it meant she spent the remainder of her days, 22 months, in the hospital. Robert spent every one of those days at his wife’s side.

The loss of his wife was not the last tragedy to visit Robert that year. One day, he returned home to find his only son dead. Though Brian had the same condition as his mother, it turned out he died of a different genetic condition, one that he’d inherited from his father.

And while many of us would retreat into grief, Robert was thinking about ways he could give back. “I feel like I owe the medical system big time. Because of our system, I still have my home, my ability to live independently. The nurses spared nothing for Joyce. Her condition at one point required round the clock care for about three months, special diets, and special dressings.”

Robert realized that he had an insurance policy that he no longer needed for himself. He decided to change the beneficiary and to designate his gift to the Aberdeen Health Foundation’s Medical Equipment Endowment. 

“I saw firsthand the need. Hospitals are complex. The needs are complex. Our system can provide the basics, but can’t provide the frills. We need a limo.”

Since 1986, the generosity of donors to the Aberdeen Health Foundation has made possible more than $24 million in health care advances in Pictou County. To learn more about how a gift can be directed to the Aberdeen Health Foundation, please visit aberdeenhealthfoundation.com/insurance.